Modern marketing and promotional techniques have brought us many new terms too. One of these terms that have become very popular these days is explainer video. So, what exactly are these explainer videos?

Explainer videos represent short and entertaining videos that usually last between one and three minutes. It is possible to find shorter and longer explainer videos and their length usually depends on the topic that is covered or the message that is shared.

An explainer video is a light and fun video that can explain literally any topic, no matter how complex or dull it looks in an interesting way. In many cases, watching a short video about some product or service is all that modern consumers need before they take action.

Today, businesses use explainer videos in many different ways. For example, you can find explainer video on conferences and other similar events. In case you are planning on organizing a conference or a similar event you can attract people with explainer videos. You don’t need to find a way for a classic display of your product – the explainer video will explain the basic things that your potential customers should know.

Another way in which people can use explainer videos is through emails. It is possible to get the attention of the audience with a video like this as part of an email. Instead of reading long texts, they can view the video and get the necessary information. In addition, you can use these videos to take your potential customers from their emails to your website.

There is no doubt that social media users love good videos. They often share videos that they find interesting. According to the latest studies, videos are much more popular on Facebook compared to other types of media like written status updates and images. Create an engaging explainer video and share it on your profile/page.

You can also use explainer videos in blog posts. We all know how useful blog posts can be for any website. They represent a section on a website where ordinary visitors can get useful information for things that are not always directly related to the website’s purpose. Add some explainer videos in your blog posts and check the response of your audience. It usually works in a positive way.

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand the importance of explainer videos today.