How to Create Mobile App Explainer Videos for Less than $100

Explainer videos can be a great way to increase conversions for your app! Read and discover how to create mobile app explainer videos for less than $100!

App explainer video is a really effective and engaging way to tell your potential buyers what your app is all about and how it can really help them. The app explainer videos easily connect with your audience on a personal level, combining animations, attractive visuals, and informative audio, to increase your engagements and your brand image at the same time.

Explainer videos can be a great way to increase conversions. It is proven that demo video boost rates of buying a product by up to 85%. But, as you probably know, hiring a professional video builder or an agency to create your video can be really expensive. Hiring a freelancer from Fiverr, may cost you from $5 to $50 and if you decide to hire an agency, that may cost you from $3000 to $15.000. There is another option you can use. If you have some free time and you are interested in using your skills, you can create an explainer video by yourself.

In this article, we will show you how to create mobile app explainer videos for less than $100:

Plan the content and the length of the video: You may have the best app in the world with lots of attractive features, however, don’t try to fit in every possible feature in the video as you will only confuse your viewers and your potential customers. It is really important to keep the video short and also get to the point fast as the online users don’t pay attention to long videos. The ideal length is between 60 and 90 seconds where you will present the main value of your app, as well as, the benefit of using it.

Write the script: The script is the foundation of your video and it is proven that videos without a properly prepared script usually miss out the essential details. If you feel that your visuals are powerful enough to tell a story, in this case, you can do without a voice.

Record a voiceover: You can record a voiceover by yourself or if you want, you can hire a professional. There are some really experienced people you can hire on Fiverr for this specific task. But if you feel confident of recording the voiceover yourself, you need to practice the script and then record a demo to ensure it sounds great. You need to listen to the audio with headphones and check if it is ok. The voiceover should have a bold voice and a clear pronunciation. You need to position the microphone right, not too far and not too close and also turn off and get rid of the noisy elements in the room you are recording the video.

Add music and graphics: Music will give your video a personality and will highlight the visuals. Choose appropriate music, the tone of the video, and make sure to target audience.

Edit the video: This is the final thing you should do. Remember, everything will fall apart if the explainer video is not edited properly. The editing will give you the end result by combining everything together. Once you are done with editing the video, check it again and make sure it is 100% perfect. Read more on how to edit a video and sell you idea in the most natural and feasible way.

The app explainer video should be informative, concise, and simpler. You need to make sure it plays on all browsers, platforms, and devices. Don’t forget to use keywords in the title, as well as, the metadata of the video so you can optimize the video for search discovery.

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