So, you have finally decided to follow the latest trends and you are thinking about creating an explainer video. Congratulations – this is a decision that can improve your business. Explainer videos have proven that they are an entertaining and useful way of communication between businesses and their potential and existing customers. If you want to create a professional looking explainer video, you will have to use the services of the best animated video production companies. But, how can one select a company like this when there are so many production companies out there? Fortunately, there are some characteristics that all the best animated video production companies are sharing.

For starters, they can guarantee quality. Take a closer look at their videos and think about the opportunity of using these videos on TV. Check whether you are attracted by their videos and whether you feel pleasant and intrigued while watching these videos. In case you’ve experienced all these things, then it is very likely that you have a good candidate. Keep in mind that some of these companies may ask you to pay more, but this is an investment worth the money.

After that, you should analyze the crew behind the production company. It turns out that animated explainer videos rely on four things – script, storyboard, illustration, and animation. Obviously, if you want a good animated explainer video, the production company must cover all these stages of video production. In addition, their crew of experts must be able to work together to deliver a good result in the end. Check whether they have in-house technicians or they are outsourcing their work. Both options are good as long as they can guarantee quality at the end.

It’s a good idea to ask for previous storyboards. Your task is to find out whether the storyboards are detailed and attractive. This board must include every detail of the script. Of course, it also has to be unique and innovative. You should check the same for the animation and illustration.

In the end, you should always opt for uniqueness. There are many animated explainer video companies that rely on the same old formula and create videos that look the same. They use templates and enter your information to make a small change. The best option is to use companies that provide only unique and original work to their clients.