We have all been in a situation like this – we’ve ended up on some website that is offering some products or services that look interesting, but we are not sure what exactly we can get from them. This is where explainer videos come into play. These short videos that typically last up to 3 minutes provide a technical explanation.

There are many people and organizations that have excellent ideas for services and/or products, but they find it difficult to share their vision and story in an engaging way with the rest of the world. It turns out that you can witness a great change if you find the right method to highlight your products and brand to the consumers, business partners and investors. Most of the businesses today have their own websites where they have simply uploaded basic info about their offers. However, they won’t be able to turn visitors into customers in case these visitors don’t get a clear image about the things they can expect from their products/services.

According to some studies, it doesn’t take more than 120 seconds of accurate presentation to trigger excitement in people related to certain product or brand. With explainer videos, you will get a chance to show the story of your business because as you all know – a picture is worth a thousand words.

The experts in the field of internet marketing are using explainer videos for an effective presentation of any kind of business. This is natural because there are numerous benefits of explainer videos. For instance, with the help of explainer videos, you can significantly improve your website’s rank in the search engine results. Google and other popular search engines love videos and they are usually listing websites with popular videos higher in their search results.

With the help of explainer videos, visitors can also get a better picture of your offer. They don’t have to read long texts to figure out what you are trying to offer to the audience. The explainer video is here to show them what they can expect. Next, it’s worth mentioning that 9 out of 10 people have confirmed that it’s more likely that they will buy something online when they have a chance to view an explainer video related to the product/service first. Finally, these explainer videos are easy to share and many of them have become viral.