There are plenty of places to take a date in Los Angeles. The question of where to take your date depends on what your date would like to do. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have ideas about where to go before asking someone out. Here are some places to take someone you’re dating in LA.

The Hollywood Bowl

During the summer, the Los Angeles Philharmonic performs at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s an outdoor amphitheater, so it is under the stars. Sometimes, you can watch a film projected onto a screen while the symphony performs the movie soundtrack. The Hollywood Bowl is iconic in that so many famous artists have performed at the venue. Fortunately, it’s possible to find inexpensive tickets.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The LA Philharmonic also performs at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Furthermore, the LA philharmonic is world-renowned. If you sit in the balcony seats, the prices are significantly less high. However, that’s not to say the quality is worse from the balcony. Plus, you and your date are more available to some privacy because the seats are behind the majority of the audience.

Electric Dusk Drive-In Theatre

There are plenty of drive-in theatres in Los Angeles, including the Electric Dusk Drive-In. You can scout Electric Dusk’s website to find the films and showtimes. You can buy your tickets through the site. Also, there is food at the theatre. 

Pedal Boats on Echo Park

Pedal boats on Echo Park Lake may seem like the LA equivalent of taking a carriage ride in Central Park. However, it’s beneficial to choose a date activity where you can talk to each other. Even though going to see a film on a first date can seem appealing, it restricts you from getting to know the other person. Pedaling across the water can give you an excuse to converse and learn more about each other.

Kayaking in Alamitos Bay If Pedal Boats seem like too much of a tourist attraction, you can take your date kayaking. If you do not own a Kayak, you can rent one. There are plenty of places to Kayak, aside from Alamitos Bay. Case in point, you can also go to Huntington Harbor or Marina del Ray. It’s not a bad idea to bring a waterproof pouch for your phones. You can also bring a Bluetooth speaker so that the two of you can listen to music.